How to start a successful YouTube channel

This blogpost is a compendium of the most important topics. I’ll update this post several times.

So you wanna know how to start a successful YouTube channel?  Thousands of fans cheering for your success, watching hours of your great content and copying your style and your thinking. Let’s get ready to get up and crush the whole game for your future—become an Influencer and enjoy the lifestyle that you want. Maybe this fits to your imagination of having a good life. If so i wanna show you how to start a successful YouTube channel. And if you’re asking why this post will help you: I’m not this freakin‘ guy who never built a channel. I’m actually IN the game and still improving.

  1. Have a clear vision

    Choose what kind of videos you would like to create. Maybe you want to document your life by recording a vlog series or start a YouTube channel about gaming. What about lifestyle or beauty content..?! Probably it’s not easy to choose the right content but just ask yourself the following question: What’s my passion?

    Okay let’s break it down. Where does passion come from? Phrase it as the feeling you love when you engage with something you love. It pulls from two directions: ‚Your love‘ and ’something you love‘. You probably doing it for free and you can’t believe if someone is paying you for that. Also you should have excitement to do something either it’s at home (private stuff) or in business. So don’t ask yourself what your passion is but what your actual love is.

    So how can you find what you really wanna do? It’s easier than you think: What are the things you love to do? What are the things you do for free? What are you doing on weekends? You should be doing stuff that you love. Not only for your YouTube channel but also to find fullfilment in life because who knows – maybe you become an Entrepreneur with your channel which is build on true passion, on true love.

    Thomas Noschka aka Tex. Entrepreneur, Speaker and truly empathetic. In love with the era of social media.
    My passion? Throw another one in the basket by bringing people value.